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Cummings Data Analysis, LLC

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provides a service to the finance, retail, real estate, and construction industries.

CDA publishes monthly property transfer data for all transactions over $10,000

CDA covers Jefferson and Berkeley Counties of WV

Turning data into Knowledge

The Knowledge contains:

- Buyer's name and address when available,
- District or town
- Subdivision
- Lot number or description
- Seller's name
- Date the transfer was recorded
- Sale price
- Amount of the mortgage (including LOC - 2nd mortgage - ARM - Second Home - 1-4 Family riders)
- Term of mortgage
- Mortgage amount
- Mortgagee
- Assignments
- Identifies new residents to the state

The data file is sorted by District - Development - Seller

CDA currently provides information for:
Jefferson County WV
Berkeley County WV

PO Box 583
Charles Town, WV 25414


Check out our notes (blog) section

Customer references on request.